Estonian company formation, foundation, incorporation

Private commercial association — private limited company — PLC in the sphere of small business with the number of shareholders from 1 to 10, with the number of members of the board from one to three. The company name is any with the use of the Latin alphabet, numbers, signs. Avoid geographical names, the repetition of already known brands in the Register of Estonian Enterprises. The founders / beneficiaries and members of the management board can be residents and non-residents, non-residents need to invite and register in the Charter a secretary contact person.


Why do you need a company in Estonia? What are the advantages of establishing a firm such as a private limited company?

1. There is no corporate tax on undistributed profits.
2. There is no obligation to introduce a minimum authorized capital.
3. There is no requirement to register a real office.
4. There is no need to hire full-time employees.
5. There is no currency regulation.
6. You can work at home, running an online company.
7. You can manage Internet banking.
8. You can obtain the status of an Estonian E-citizen.
9. You can sell goods and services under the Estonian (EU) mark.

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How much costs a company in Estonia?
Estonian company incorporation or buying ready-made company — from 500 €, buying ready-made company with VAT number — 2500 €. Opening bank account for free.

Estonian company formation, foundation, incorporation


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Регистрация, продажа, аренда компаний в Эстонии (лицензия на оказание услуг доверительным фондам и коммерческим обществам FIU000286). Registration, sale, lease of companies in Estonia (trust and company service license FIU000286).
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